Anethole (also known as anise camphor) is an organic compound that is widely used as a flavoring substance

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It is a derivative of phenylpropene, a type of aromatic compound that occurs widely in nature, in essential oils.

Uses and Benefits

The flavonoid anethole has been shown to suppress inflammation by inhibiting the cellular responses induced by TNF (27). Anethole has been reported to exert local anesthetic (31), sedative (32), oestrogenic, anti-genotoxic and anti-tumor activities (33) with no or little toxic side effect.

Molecular Formula C10H12O
Specific Gravity  0.9882
Melting Point 20 to 21 °C (68 to 70 °F; 293 to 294 K)
Boiling Point 234 °C (453 °F; 507 K) (81 °C at 2 mmHg


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Safety Info

  • It is meant only for external use.
  • Dilute it before topical application.
  • It is for industrial use only 

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