Bhimseni Camphor 100g

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Bhimseni Camphor, also known as Indian camphor, is a naturally derived white, crystalline substance sourced from the Cinnamomum camphora tree. With a distinct aroma, it has been used in traditional medicine and rituals for centuries.

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Refreshing Fragrance – The soothing aroma Expo Organics Bhimseni Camphor is energetic, elevating and purifying. Camphor’s refreshing fragrance boosts your energy and attitude in a safe way.

Mosquito Repellent – The Camphor also works as a repellent to drive away the mosquitoes from home.

Used during worship – Since Camphor symbolizes purity and divinity, it is an important puja essential to be used during regular worship, festival or any auspicious ritual.

USE IN PRAYING – Holy scriptures, Pure camphor symbolises union with God as it burns completely, leaving behind no trace.

Performing Aarti with Pure Camphor aarti dispels negativity, keeps one healthy and attracts prosperity.


  • Shudh Bhimseni Camphor
  • Natural Air Purifier
  • Brings Positive Energy
  • Remove Vaastu Fault
  • Mind Booster
Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 12 cm


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