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Walnut oil is a delicious, nutty oil made by pressing whole walnuts. It’s rich in the omega-3 fatty acid ALA and other unsaturated fatty acids, as well as ellagitannins and other polyphenol compounds that act as antioxidants.

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Walnut oil is oil extracted from walnuts, Juglans regia. The oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, and saturated fats.


It is believed that walnut oil has been recommended to fight wrinkles since at least the 17th century. Though walnut oil is greasy and rich, yet if you apply it on your skin daily, it helps treat wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin look younger! Walnut oil is known to be a remedy to treat fungal infections.


Benefits of  Walnut  Oil

Walnut oil is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, some of which may even improve your memory and concentration. Most of walnut oil’s fat content contains the omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid. This “good fat” can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by 10% when part of your daily diet

Product Details
Botanical name Juglans Regia
Plant Part Used Seeds/Nuts
Extraction Method Cold pressed
Country Of Origin Persia
Solubility Soluble in most fixed oils and mineral oil 
Specific Gravity 0.919–0.929
Optical Rotation + 4.5
Refractive Index 1.469–1.478
Consistency Thin
Strength of Aroma Medium
More Details
Mixes well with Any essential or carrier oil 
Common Uses
  • Can boost skin health. The nutrients in walnut oil may promote good skin health
  • May decrease inflammation
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Improves blood sugar control
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • May have anticancer effects
  • Easy to add to your diet
Aromatic Scent Strong, Nutty smell and flavor. That’s the whole appeal of it for Asian cooking.





It is not safe for everybody because it contains allergens & can cause food related allergic reactions
Pregnant women & nursing moms should use caution in using walnut oil.
If one has the sensitive skin, one should do the patch test before applying it topically.

How to  use

The most common use for walnut oil is as an ingredient in salad dressings with vinegar and seasonings. It also tastes delicious drizzled over steamed vegetables. You can find walnut oil at health food and specialty grocery stores, as well as online. It’s typically more expensive than other oils.


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Safety Information

  • It is meant only for external use.
  • Do a patch skin test before applying it to your skin.
  • Dilute it before topical application.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using it.

Stability and Storage

It should be kept away from heat & other ignition materials. And keep it in tightly closed containers . keep container in cool & well ventilated area



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